Get a calendar
your audience can follow

Communicate to your audience through their calendar.
When a user follows your CalendarX calendar, you can push
your important events to their personal calendar.

How it works

Create your calendar

Create your first calendar and adjust the settings to fit your needs. Control who can manage the calendar and what you want to know about your followers.

Generate an unlimited number of calendars your users can follow.

Cookie Fridays
Cookie Fridays
Follow our calendar and let us remind you to treat
yourself every Friday with one of our delicious
cookies. There'll be special offers to our followers.
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Add the "Follow our calendar" button to your website

Adding the button to your website is easy. Use the button configurator to change appearance of the button or customize it using HTML to match the design of your website. You can also link to a follow page in newsletters and social media.

Add your events

Adding events to your calendar is quick and easy. Add repeating events and set reminders so your audience won't forget. Update events if changes occur. Your followers' calendars will automatically be updated with the changes.

Cookie Fridays

Have your audience follow your calendar

Promote your calendar to your audience – on your website, on social media, and in your newsletters. Once a person follows your calendar, you have a direct connection to their personal calendar. You can then communicate your schedules, events, activities, promotions and other important information to your followers directly.


  • Connect with customers

    Whether you’re looking to provide a schedule service, attract new customers, grow sales or keep customers returning for more, CalendarX can help.

  • Easy to use and understand

    Our user interface is easy to understand and operate. No training or learning curve is needed here.

  • Customizable

    Customize your solution exactly how you want it. Fully customizable isn't tweaking a few settings, it's complete freedom to customize everything to make it feel like a natural part of your website.

  • Know who your followers are

    Having followers is great, but knowing who they are is better. Use custom signup forms to build and track your audience and introduce yourself to new subscribers.

  • Followers enjoy updates

    Users who follow a calendar will receive regular, useful updates. Calendar subscriptions have a very low unsubscribe rate compared to other formats such as email. No special event promotions needed as all of your events end up in your audience's calendar.

  • Calendars as a marketing tool?

    Almost all of your users have and use a calendar app. Most of them use it many times a day. Promote special deals or recurring events and have your customers return for more.

  • Import existing calendars

    If you already use an existing calendar system, we can syncronize the events with your CalendarX calendars. We'll syncronize every hour so your events are up to date.

  • Time zone and DST compatible

    Did you know there are 17 different daylight savings time rules? And what about all those different time zones? Our cloud based software is tested, tweaked and fine-tuned to capture every time zone and DST rule in the world.

  • Test, track, optimize, repeat

    See how your calendar is performing with interactive data and analytics. Measure and track how your audience is engaging.

  • We've got your back

    Contact our support team any time and we'll get back to you with all the answers you need.

How businesses use CalendarX

All kinds of businesses rely on CalendarX to improve their
communication, generate sales or keep customers returning for more.

Students and parents follow our class schedules

Education and Sports

We're a private school in the Midwest. We initially started with publishing the class schedules for students and parents to follow. The number of subscribers isn't key to us, the service is. The feedback from students and parents is that they love it. It keeps them in the loop. We are automatically syncing the class schedule into CalendarX using our existing planning software. We have expanded our schedules to include all the sports we offer too.

Events and Meeting Planning


Our company employs close to 90,000 people across the world and produces more than 55,000 products. Being a big organization, we constantly need to train our employees to be up to date with safety and how-to procedures. Several times a week we offer our employees to participate in online training courses. Our employees can follow live seminars in their calendar. By centralizing our courses, we save money and make teaching more effective / specialized.

Click, Follow, Voila! Our users are up to date

Conferences and Seminars

We do seminars and conferences. We've been experimenting with taking our seminars online. We use CalendarX for the event schedules. We love that our users can follow the full seminar schedule once and that we are able to update our users calendar before- and while the seminar takes place.

We had an amazing 20.000 subscribers within 14 days

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We are making sure your events
reaches your audience's calendar.

We're syncing calendars every second.

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