How do I remove the CalendarX logo from the "Embed Calendar"

To remove the "CalendarX" logo from the embedded calendar, you need to have access to the "Custom calendar" section which can be found in the "Embed" section. Users with the "Premium" or "Enterprise" plan have access to this section.

Steps to remove the "CalendarX" logo

  • Navigate to the "Embed" section
  • Locate the "Custom calendar" section, click the "Edit Calendar" button
  • An editor appears, scroll down in the editor. In the code, locate the "Footer".
  • Remove the DIV with class="logo" and its contents.
  • Scroll down to "Save template" and click the button
  • In order to use the "Embedded Calendar" with the custom template, click on the "Get code" button, copy the code, insert it on your website.

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